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Facilitator and Contact: Joyce Babb, MSW, LCSW (extension 128)

Women's Groups –These groups offer women of all ages a safe, supportive atmosphere in which they can explore and become their very best selves. We address and develop constructive attitudes and solutions to important issues such as self-identity and self-acceptance, belonging, healthy relationships, parenting, health and wellness, life transitions, grief and loss, life purpose, shame and perfectionism, communication skills, assertiveness, intimacy and sexuality, work/life balance and more.

Men's Groups - These Men's Groups are designed to offer men an opportunity to experience the powerful, life-changing impact of connecting to and learning from other men as we explore and develop satisfying solutions to topics such as expressing and managing emotions; developing close and satisfying relationships; communication skills; assertiveness and conflict management; parenting; self-identity and self-acceptance; health and wellness; shame and perfectionism; defining and living our values and priorities; intimacy and sexuality; work/life balance; and more.

Facilitator and Contact: Sharon Beck, DNP, PMHNP-BC, LCSW (option 1 "Intake")

Women’s Adult DBT Group – Group focuses on learning new ways to manage emotions, using mindfulness techniques to stay in the moment, and finding ways to improve relationships. The focus is to learn and practice DBT skills and provide support from other women who struggle with inability to self-soothe.

Mindful Eating Group – This group is for both men and women. The goal is weight loss; clients choose and report on an eating plan, commit to daily exercise and learn ways to use meditation to decrease cortisol levels. This group often does food exercises to deal with cravings, etc. We also spend time understanding what feelings clients are avoiding by bingeing/overeating.

Women's Process and Support Group – Women support each other and look at their own style of managing relationships based on the way they interact with others in the group.


Facilitator and Contact: Jeff Santee, Ph.D. (extension 127)

Men’s Therapeutic, Growth Groups - are offered weekly during evening hours. These small groups provide a confidential, supportive environment to help men overcome their sense of isolation, increase self-understanding, identify and express feelings in appropriate ways, and overcome childhood wounds.

The group process and the mutual support and encouragement of other participants provide a non-judgmental and motivational setting for personal and relational growth and awareness. For more information, please call group facilitators at (630) 260-0606. Most groups are offered weekly during evening or weekend hours.

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